For Practitioners & Coaches 
Committed To Creating Impact & Income
By Helping Others.
(even if it doesn't exist yet)
For Practitioners & Coaches 
Committed To Transforming Lives & Living An Abundant Life.
FREE 5-Day LiVE Course: 
(even if it doesn't exist yet)
You're thinking about working with clients or patients online, but you’re unsure how to create an online program and can't figure out how to fill it. 

You’re struggling to put all of the pieces in place and wondering if going online is right for you?

Plus you’re unsure if you can fit it all in with an already busy and hectic schedule…

BUT you're committed to creating Impact & Income by helping others. 

Let's Close The Gap...

Right now there's a gap between where you are and where you want to be. It's like you're standing on one side of the canyon looking over at the other side where you can see the IMPACT & INCOME you desire. 

We need to build the bridge the gets you to the other side. It's time to close the gap

During the 5-Day LIVE Course you’ll get simple, daily instruction and homework
that will help you to create your online program and fill it... even if it doesn't exist yet so that you can close the gap. 

In The 5-Day LIVE Course You’ll Learn: 

DAY 1: The 5-Ingredient Formula For Online Success  

DAY 2: The 2 Must Answer Questions To Define Your Niche   

DAY 3: Pick Your Program Topic & Price It To Sell  

DAY 4: How To Predictably Get Clients Without Spending All Day On Social Media 

DAY 5: The Missing Must-Have Mindset Hack (so you can feel confident now)   

Join The 5-Day LIVE Course 
If You’re A: 

  • Health practitioner just starting out 
  • Coach just starting out
  • ​Clinical practitioner wanting to move online
  • ​Licensed or regulated professional in the health field
  • ​Service based practitioner or coach who wants to build an online practice 
  • ​Wellness professional wanting to work online 
Meet Your Course Instructor:
Lori Kennedy 
As a former Registered Holistic Nutritionist who struggled to get clients  for almost 2 years, I know what it feels like to want to help others but have no clue how. 

My team and I have been training practitioners and coaches for over a decade with my proven yet simple formula that creates clients, confidence and cashflow without all of the overwhelm, burn-out and chaos.

As the founder and CEO of the Wellness Business Hub, author of The Successful Practitioner book and the host of the Business of Becoming podcast, I’ve used this exact formula to grow a global 8-figure business from my dining room table while raising my 2 children. 

And now I want to share the formula with you. 
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